When you are invested as a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout or Leader into Kirklevington Scout Group you will be given a selection of badges to sew onto your uniform.

During your time in the group you will be given additional badges to wear. Some of these badges you will keep through your Scouting life - from Beavers to Scouts, others you will keep while you are in that section - the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers, and some will be occasional badges to be worn for only a short period of time.

So where do they all go, and why do we give you them?
The first badges you will get are when you are invested. These show which group and area of the country you are from. Kirklevington Scout Group will give you 5 badges.
The most important one is the round purple badge with the Scout logo on it. This shows that you belong to the Scouts, and every Beaver, Cub, Scout etc. in the world wears this badge. It shows that you belong to the largest youth organisation in the world. This is sewn on the Left Breast of your shirt or jumper
The next three badges you get show which Scout Group you belong to. Kirklevington Scout Group is looked after by our Scout District - Stockton, Thornaby and District. The district is looked after by the Scout County - Cleveland. The County is looked after by the country but you won't get a badge for that until you go abroad with the Scouts.
These 3 badges show which Group, District and County you belong to. The name Tape "1st Kirklevington" should be sewn just under the logo on the right sleeve of your shirt or jumper.
The White district badge with a picture of the steam engine is sewn under the name tape alongside the Blue county badge with the picture of Guisborough Priory and Cleveland written on. The District badge is sewn nearer the back of the sleeve, the county badge near the front of the sleeve.
The fifth badge is sewn onto your knecker at the point, just above the black strip (see this page for its history. At the top of the page there is a picture of where the badge is sewn). There are many groups in the country that wear the same design of knecker as us, but only we have that badge sewn onto it.

When you are in the Scout section, you will be put in a group called a patrol. These patrols have badges to distinguish them and this badge is sewn under the District and County Badges

After you are invested you will be given a few different types of badges. One type is an activity badge. These badges show that you have gained some skills in an activity or that you have interests in things, such as a collection. These badges are sewn onto your left sleeve. There are many different types of activity badges and you can look at Scoutbase to see what you have to do to get each of these.

The next type of badge is the challenge badge. The challenge badges require more commitment to gain than the activity badges. Again, look at Scoutbase to see what you have to do to gain these awards. These badges are sewn on the right breast of your shirt or jumper. When you have gained a few of these challenge badges, you will be able to do an additional challenge to gain your Chief Scout Award. This is the highest award you can get in the Beavers, Cubs and Scout sections and is sewn just above the challenge badges.

One badge you will get is the participation badges. Every year you spend in the Scout Group you will get a numbered badge to show your Scouting experience. You get a higher number each year and even when you move to the next section you will get the next number when you are due for it.

The last badge you will see regularly is the Leadership Stripe. In the Scout Group each section is divided into smaller groups - Lodges, Sixes, or Patrols and each is led by a young person and assisted by another. These 2 leaders get leadership stripes to show this honour of being asked to lead the grouping. This badge is sewn just under the county and District badges on the right arm.

There are a few special badges that are awarded and you will find out where these go when you get them. You might get an occasional badge, one that is worn for a special event, an example of this was the millennium in the year 2000 when every Beaver, Cub and Scout had a special badge to wear. At the end of the year these badges were taken of the uniforms. You might also get special badges for camps you go to. You will be told what the badge is for and how long you can wear it. These badges generally go on the left breast above the membership badge.

You can see where the badges go from these links: Print out the relevant picture for your reference

Beaver Uniform Cub Uniform Scout Uniform Explorer Uniform Leader Uniform

Where do I get my Uniform From?
Perhaps I have written this the wrong way round, I have explained where the badges go without telling you where you can get a Scout shirt from.

If you ask the leaders they will tell you what uniform you will need to get. Scouts is a uniformed organisation and we all wear a uniform but it is different for each section. When you know what you want you can get your uniform from:

Our district has a shop in its headquarters. These are at Norton Road in Stockton and is open on a Friday Night between about 7:30 and 9:00 and they sell uniforms. Profit from these help run the district.
You can buy uniforms from Ross's in Middlesbrough
You can buy your uniforms on-line, these 2 shops support the Scout Association:
Outdoors Ltd. Run by the Scout association and profit helps the Scout association.